Where you can make with ABACUS.
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With ABACUS, you can meet up with local makers in a variety of locations: home workshops, makerspaces, and commercial studios. Here you can browse our makerspace venues.

We actively work with the makerspaces listed below to provide you with a fun, safe, and creative atmosphere for your ABACUS sessions.

Remember, if your session takes place in a makerspace, YOU MUST sign whatever required paperwork they each require for your being there. Acceptance of our terms of service is not enough. You must observe all rules and requirements of each makerspace you visit.


  • SnoCo Makerspace
  • 2615 W Casino Rd Unit 1B
  • Everett, WA 98201

  • MakerLab NW
  • 23931 Hwy 99 #101
  • Edmonds, WA 98026

  • More coming soon!